Sari Shafa Hospital

International Patient Department(IPD)

Definition of International Patients Department(IPD):
Shafa Private Hospital offers a vast and comprehensive range of services in medical tourism field. Checkup procedure, diagnosis and treatment could be planned in international patient department along with a pleasant stay for patient and his/her companies in one bed or two bed rooms. Shafa Private Hospital succeeded to obtain official licenses and international certificates in observing the medical standards. Thus, you would be able to being accepted in this hospital to receive medical and surgical services. In addition, you may enjoy the natural beauties and tourist attractions of our province while fulfilling your treatment plans.
In compare to other hospital all over Iran, and even in compare to other developing countries, this hospital offers splendid medical care with the lowest fee rates. Whereas, the best possible quality and highly updated technologic facilities of the most pioneer brands in the world are ready to serve you along with a comprehensive cadre of medical professionals and specialists ready to accomplish your treatment procedure in every possible medical field.